Alcombe Vets

We take pride in helping you to ensure a long, happy and healthy life for your pet; from providing the simplest nose to tail check-ups to a wide range of services and advice to keep your animal companions healthy and thriving. When you bring your pet in as a puppy or a kitten, we begin with the basics such as a warm welcome of course, to the new family member, then vaccinations, nutritional advice, home dental care, and parasite prevention. When you bring us a pet who is unwell, our excellent, talented teams of Vets, Veterinary nurses and support staff provide understanding, and the experience and resources necessary to help diagnose and solve the problem.

A combination of appointment and open surgeries ensure urgent cases can be seen on the same day and that no-one seeking treatment is ever turned away. While we can always offer the 'Gold Standard' with access to the best specialists available in London, there is never any pressure to elect the most elaborate or expensive procedures.