Alphavet Veterinary Centre

Your pet is as special to us as they are to you, come and meet our team to see how different we really are. We have practices in Risca and Langstone which together provide veterinary care for pets all over the Newport and Gwent area. Pet owners choose us because of our individual attention to their pet, and because we take the time to make sure that wherever possible every experience for their best friend is a positive one. Our consultations are longer than average which means that our vets and nurses can be more thorough. Alphavet is owned and run by a vet, fewer and fewer practices these days are able to say that.

Pets at Alphavet are now able to benefit from the latest surgical techniques. The newest addition to our surgical service is keyhole surgery. This means that for an operation such as speying a female dog, which is traditionally a major intervention the surgery can be accomplished through tiny surgical openings.