Wrexham Equine Care

The practice (formerly Wrexham Veterinary Care) was established in early 2009 by Mark Andrews. We are a dedicated equine-only veterinary practice and provide our own emergency cover, so when it matters most you can rely on a vet that you know and trust.

All our vets have at least 8 years' experience and have undergone further training in order to pursue their own areas of interest. These include lameness, surgery, reproduction and foal medicine. We also have close links to several referral centres and visiting specialists and are happy to work alongside many paraprofessionals with strong relationships to several equine physiotherapists, chiropracters and acupuncturists, as well as several remedial farriers in the area.

As one of the most modern practices in the area we have invested in the technology required to assist with the diagnostic procedures and treatments: cutting edge digital xray, ultrasound scanners, endoscopes, gastroscopes, powered dentistry, shock wave and much more.