Dermvet Skin & Ear Clinic

The treatment of pet skin and ear diseases accounts for a large proportion of the work in a typical small veterinary practice, but without the proper knowledge and training, these conditions can be treated incorrectly. At Dermvet Skin & Ear Clinic, you have the opportunity to bring your pet to an experienced dermatologist. We are passionate about taking time to unravel the complex issues that often have to be considered when dealing with small animal skin and ear diseases. David has treated a variety of skin and ear cases and uses his experience and knowledge to offer your pet the very best care.

There is no quick fix for ear and skin diseases; some cases will need to visit the clinic several times before a definitive diagnosis is made. This is because a list of differential diagnoses has to be worked through, using a logical and reasoned approach. Diagnostic tests also need to be completed, such as skin biopsies, dietary trials, cytology and skin scrapings.